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We provide, among other things, Professional Paralegal Services by the Project, Brief, Case or even more traditional Hourly fees. We work by Contract (Freelance) ONLY.

And AI coding is also available …now.

STARTUPS: We also operate Startup Consulting (Business Entity) for Individuals, C-Suite Members, Executives, and VCs, Worldwide {C-Corps, S-Corps, LLCs, and Ltd, Société à Responsibilité Limitée, Entreprise Individuelle à Responsabilité Limitée } in the USA, Ireland, UK and France, respectively–with a full-stack relaunch 10/1/2019.

We fully support LMI Ireland

We provide Trial Court and Appellate Paralegal Professional Services by Degreed Paralegals. One of the Principals is a Dual-Citizen and holds three (3) Traditional U.S.A. University Degrees (AB, BA, MBA) and has 20+ years of experience as an Appellate Paralegal, Coder, and Full-Stack Developer.

We have extensive experience coding Programs, Apps, Litigation Support processes, Discovery, and as well Coding Bespoke Programs, Scripts, Apps, AI and/or Digital Intelligence (DAI) Platforms, Worldwide. Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us: Paralegal1 at ContractParalegal dot org OR 517-917-06 zero six.

NEW: 10/1/2019 RE-LAUNCH:

Starting 10/1/2019 We are RE-launching Full Stack Development (with Front and BackOffice programming as needed).


We also Author substantive Legal Research and Writing – Full or Partial Case Management (Trial and Appellate) and GRAPHICS: We specialize in stunning Graphics and UHD/DCI Video. Specifically, We can assist with the timely and polished presentation of Your Evidence in the Trial Courts, including UHD-DCI Video and Computer Graphics, now available in 4K (and coming soon dazzling 8k Video (fully controlled with Your MacBook Pro, iPad Air, or Surface Pro 6). Appellate Briefs are fully linked and locked.


THE Q and A: Liars no longer will risk Felony Perjury charge with Video EVIDENCE (if they are smart that is)!

“Eyewitness testimony is fickle and, all too often, shockingly inaccurate!”

National Center for State Courts:

AS WE SPECIALIZE IN UHD VIDEO presentations File management becomes a critical issue with massive storage and high-bandwidth needs, and We help solve this presentation issue with Proprietary Wireless Graphics architecture, bespoke coding, and UHD graphics or We can use the traditional (if needed) presentation systems (Power-Point or similar as backup). With the right preparation, We can help you bring the ‘Fact-Finders’ to any place, any time, or any point on Earth with stunning clarity on Today’s Ultra High Definition (UHD) Video, or cutting edge VR-AR with Spherical 360 VR cameras. We also utilize and deploy AI analysis of all Orders and on-the-fly machine transcription from video or audio feeds from the Court Reporter (if available) and/or utilize AWS speech-to-text streaming technology*.

The reason Lady Justice is Blindfolded: Implicit BIAS is in everyone!

Lady Justice Blindfolded, with Scales of Evidence, and Sword to enforce Her Judgements.

I. Loss of Innocence: Eyewitness Identification and Proof of Guilt (SAMUEL R. GROSS, University of Michigan Law School, Assoc. Prof. Stanford Law).


All Work Product (and all intellectual property) is saved and stored on Full Hardware Disk encrypted SSD drives. We are cloud integrated with multiple failovers with on-the-fly decryption. We maintain multiple commercial-grade Servers in Server Farms worldwide, as well as multiple VPNs and encrypted Carrier-Grade Wireless (IPsec).

We maintain conflict check on an ongoing rolling basis; Filing deadlines are calculated at the initial consultation. We attempt to schedule effectively to meet your needs. We use completely computer integrated business models and maintain multiple Gigabit wired (and wireless) encrypted internet connections with multiple failover backups that are cloud-integrated (all with AES-256).


Block-chain, Bitcoin, and Smart-Contracts (e.g. self-executing code) are available today. The Blockchain will revolutionize many fields. We consult with Individuals, Businesses, and Others on how best to implement this revolutionary technology for Start-Ups and established Firms. We can also help create various legal entities World-Wide and maintain a regular relationship with, and other more Country-Specific Businesses Start-Up (Entity) Creation systems –

Quality Control – remember: “stuff” happens-expect the Unexpected. Contact Us for any business issues you might need help with immediately.

Contract Terms (We are NOT employees):

Your needs and preferences are paramount to Us. We can modify any terms to suit your parameters as We provide Personalized Work Products and We will ensure that Our relationship with YOU is the best in the Business. If you are not totally satisfied we want to hear about it right away (and will make it right, guaranteed). On-time every time!


We can send You or Your Offices regular updates of all work products Contracted. We review your markups online and rework Drafts (or work product) until you are completely satisfied. Documents, Briefs, and Memoranda -or any Document – can be for in-house use, or for Filing (please advise at onset). Your Markups are our “marching orders” – We then, when YOU are satisfied flyspeck, Shepardize electronically on the fly and review one final time by “BadRobots” before they Encrypt and delivering a PDF (or any other format you specify) by VPN. is utilized constantly and we utilize special coding and relationship with the Company Principals as well as with several other startups in Santa Clara Valley, CA (i.e. “Silicon Valley”).


We support the Freelaw Project and similar projects, including the University of Michigan’s Innocence Clinic. Please support these worthwhile projects with Funding, Pro Bono, or any other help you wish – it is greatly needed especially in 2019!


WE USE Kali Linux as it is our preferred and exclusive pen-testing platform, regularly used on all platforms. Contact Us for your penetration (electronic and physical) testing needs — Please visit Kali Linux at:

Being cloud-connected requires special vigilance. Endpoint security is foremost and monitored by a separate AI.


Finally, We use our own highly modified Digital Artificial Intelligence PlatformBadRobots” and several different Digital Engines and Digital Platforms – as well as many high-level programming languages including Windows, Java, Javascript, PHP, Swift, Linux, Python, Rust, C++, iOS 13.2, Ruby (and others as needed).


We exclusively presently use AMD Ryzen 5 and 7 and ThreadRipper CPUs and 2080ti GPUs on all Platforms.

The Verge: US

IT’S Sentient

We can provide “Hard Copies” if needed but generally try to use electronic filing (MiFile, True Filing), if possible.


“BREXIT” and the so-called “Ireland Backstop” might cause a real mess! We can help You (and/or Your Business) prepare for a possible UK “crash-out” from the EU. NEVER a hard border in Ireland ever again. We support BELFAST and DUBLIN!

Business Phone: five one seven, nine 1 7, zero six, zero 6 (for automated Call attendant (Obihai). Cell Phone Numbers are provided when We Contract for Work and we can be available 24/7/365.

Your Satisfaction is our main concern.

Finally, a BIG THANKS to our musical Friends the Kiszka Brothers, ala Greta Van Fleet of Frankenmuth, MI -and the peaceful Army – do it Guys, your the BEST!

INternational Consortium of Investigative Journalists, please see

PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT US WITH ANY QUESTIONS YOU MIGHT HAVE. Hourly fee ($150., £ 120., €135. /hr.,¥ -varies)

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Veteran Owned Small Business – Please Support all US Veterans especially the US Marines and NavyUDT

Adapt and Overcome!

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