Michigan Adult Adoptee DNA Analysis

Michigan Adult Adoptee Research –

DNA Analysis Consulting.

Do you have your AncestryDNA.com, or Family Tree DNA results. And are you confused by these results. We have Consultants available to consult with Adult Adoptees if needed.

If you were adopted in Michigan as an infant, and are now an adult and interested in researching your Ancestry- other Adult Adoptees Consultants from Michigan (and other States) are available now to Consult on DNA analysis results.

This is mainly for those Adopted, in Michigan born before May 28, 1945, and on or after September 12, 1980. You may (and We stress “may”) obtain your Original Birth Certificate (OBC) by Court Order.

In reality, however, most Michigan Probate Courts and Probate Judges will NOT do so and it is often times a waste of time and money.

But, other options exist such as DNA testing offered by Family Tree DNA (FTDNA), AncestryDNA.com, and 23andMe.com, as well as other DNA testing companies.

We can help advise you on the fastest, most efficient, and most cost effective methods of using DNA analysis for Adult Adoptees from those who have done it.

However, often times, because Birth Mothers were so abused back in the years noted above (1945-1980s) many will not make contact because of the (False) Shame heaped on them.

It is NOT always the case – exceptions do exist where reunions happen – but We want to forewarn those Adult Adoptees that the best outcome may be to discover the Ancestry which was concealed from you – and leave it at that. Given it is 2019 and the first years OBCs unde the changes in Michigan State Law were sealed in 1945 –74 years ago – means time may be very short. the good news is that you and yours MAY and CAN get your ancestry with your own DNA. Today testing is cheap, fast, and only involves scraping a q-tip type device to your inner cheek, placing it in a plastic test tube (or spitting in a plastic test tube) and sending it off — and your results are posted to your account online some weeks later! The costs are also, for the most part, less than $100 today in 2019.

So contact us if you need help or to consult.

DNA analysis learning curve is almost — almost — straight up — We can help you make sense of it is everyday terms that are easily understood.

Finally, We also do have —for those with very specific situations and can prove it – a pro bono program where some Consultants will provide their limited analysis services (and we stress *limited analysis services*) free of their fees -please note, this is NOT for the DNA testing which are required to be done prior to your application. Please note most DNA testing services do have sales and promo codes to lower the nominal $56 costs, so you have to keep checking their sites and search for the promo codes by signing up to the newsletter or other communication services with each company.

The information gathering is also. YOU must, for this program prove the need, and provide the information from the DNA testing free for those who have little to no resources). Such services would be provided on a limited

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